Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

7 Questions every Privacy Counsel should ask their marketing team

Ensure your marketing team is getting privacy right.

To gauge your privacy policies, who should you check in with first? According to data protection attorney Odia Kagan, the answer is usually your marketing department. In our recent DPIA webinar, she emphasized the importance of talking to your marketing and business development people, noting how invasive analytics, targeted ads, and other marketing tools can be. Download this factsheet to see:

  • Which questions you should be asking your marketing team
  • Get a clear picture into the use of your first-party data
  • Ensure user consent is captured & recorded
  • Make your data practices transparent and user-friendly
  • How to appropriately action a privacy program that doesn't halt marketing

Get your marketing team up-to-date with privacy mandates

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