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In December of 2018, Chris and Jad had just wrapped up 3 years of building a privacy program at Snap that could stand up to a 20-year FTC consent decree. The process taught them a lot, principally, that the way companies are doing privacy reviews today is broken, and won’t prepare them for a future where privacy and security are paramount to a brand’s success.

So, what’s wrong with privacy reviews today? The whole process is manual and doesn’t set privacy up well for future tasks like audits, pulling ROPAs, or regulatory reviews. It’s also hard to get other business teams like product or engineering to give privacy the data it needs to conduct privacy reviews in time for privacy to take meaningful action because the process is so tedious for them.

That’s a lot, but Chris and Jad built a solution to address it all, and we’d like to share it with you. Join the webinar to see how the TerraTrue platform helps privacy and security teams:
  • Improve bandwidth by automating risk-scoring, triaging, and routing workflows.
  • Collaborate with product and engineering teams to simplify privacy program adoption.
  • Use structured data to create automated ROPAs, data maps and run gap analysis.
  • Run analytics, spot trends and support the business with actionable insights.

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