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Five ways to build a bulletproof PBD program with your security partners

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At some companies, privacy and security may enjoy an elevated existence compared to others, but life is not all kittens and rainbows. Often, both teams still struggle to find ways to articulate their benefit to the organization, cope with constant regulatory changes, and consistently get the early visibility required to do privacy and security by design.

Key takeaways:
  • Gain strategies on how privacy and security can create processes for pre-deployment insights from product and engineering teams.
  • Learn how to leverage privacy and security teams’ shared needs on third-party vendor reviews and record of processing activities.
  • Hear battle-tested tips on how to avoid getting ambushed for last-minute approval requests from the business.

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Our expert panel:

Angelique Carson

Director of Content Strategy


Christopher Handman



Anthony Prestia

Head of Privacy


Jason Cronk


Institute of Operational Privacy Design

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