Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

How to align your teams to meet CPRA’s Jan. 1 2023 compliance deadline

Get up-to-date with new CPRA privacy requirements

In California, employee data and data collected from B2B vendors and clients will no longer be exempt from privacy law. Here’s how to work cross-functionally to make sure your organization is in compliance without everyone tearing their hair out. In this whitepaper, learn how to:

  • Conduct (or refresh) an itemization of every piece of personal data your organization collects and processes.
  • Identify risks — which data is most likely to create harm if it were used incorrectly or the wrong person got access to it?
  • Align HR, IT, and upper-management to help you meet the new CPRA requirements at your company.

Get ready for CPRA enforcement in 2023

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