Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

The FTC's top three privacy priorities

FTC privacy enforcement is stricter than ever. Here are three priorities to keep your company compliant.

Under Chair Lina Khan, the FTC is focused on digital privacy, imposing stricter standards, and bigger enforcement penalties. Get this guide to see what you should focus on to stay compliant with U.S. privacy regulators:
  • FTC app developer guidelines and best practices
  • Best practices for data mapping, segmentation, and anonymization
  • Algorithmic disgorgement — what is it & how can you mitigate risk
  • How, when, and where should you consider a privacy-by-design approach
  • Children's data: consent, collection, retention, and how you should store it

FTC top 3 priorities guide.png

FTC priorities & proposed rulemaking guidelines explained 

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