Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

A fireside chat with Ancestry

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As privacy experts, we know that privacy teams can be strategic business enablers. To be truly effective, though, your privacy program should work well with product and engineering, spotting problems before they become big issues, and be built to scale at both the pace of business and developments in privacy regulation. In this chat, Steve Stalder, who manages privacy at Ancestry, discusses what made his strategy successful and how his team uses TerraTrue to:

  • Leverage integrations to gain early visibility on product plans so he can flag risks early.
  • Provide greater transparency for cross-functional teams on product launches.
  • Gather data to indicate his program is enabling the business.

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Expert Privacy Panel:

Angelique Carson

Head of Content @


Steve Stalder

Senior Program Manager, Privacy @


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