Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

See how Foursquare increases cross-functional visibility, supports innovation & uplevels privacy

Foursquare is the leading independent location technology company dedicated to building solutions that help businesses make smarter decisions and developers create more engaging experiences. In this case study, learn how TerraTrue helps Foursquare to:

  • Align privacy to the project initiatives of product managers and engineers in two-week sprints
  • Ship products faster
  • Stick to roadmap commitments for both product and customers
  • Drive cross-functional collaboration to create a clearer understanding of privacy laws

foursquare case study screenshot

“TerraTrue seamlessly fits into our existing product and engineering team processes, versus us having to disrupt our development workflows to make it work. We’re now in a place where everyone understands the big picture – the privacy team is not simply a passive function that waits for issues to bubble up. Rather, we proactively partner with teams and provide ideas to move innovation and our products forward, faster.”

- Elizabeth Hein, VP, Compliance & Data Protection

Explore Foursquare's innovative approach to privacy

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