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How to align your teams for January 1, 2023: HR and B2B changes under CPRA

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The CPRA comes into effect on Jan 1, 2023. From then on, employers must respond to employees’ and B2B contacts’ requests to access or delete their personal information and opt-out of having their personal information sold. For most organizations, the CPRA will require adjustments to both outward-facing and back-end systems. It will also require cross-functional collaboration between legal, HR, and technology departments.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to develop processes and procedures to verify and respond to employee requests to data.
  • Discover what you need to know about new obligations for your B2B relationships.
  • Determine which notices and practices must be revised to comply with CPRA’s expanded requirements on sensitive data.

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Angelique Carson

Director of Content Strategy


Kimberly Lancaster

Senior Privacy Manager


David Stauss

Privacy Law Specialist


Robin Andruss

Chief Privacy Officer


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