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Doing more with less: How to scale your small privacy team in a time of layoffs

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Anyone reading the news or doom-scrolling on Twitter knows we’re in a time of downsizing and layoffs. That makes a privacy professional’s job even harder. You’ve got programs to run, reviews to get back to product, and ROPAs to complete. That’s to say nothing of the onslaught of state privacy laws to track and map. If your team is small or made smaller by this anticipated economic downturn, how can you scale your program to do more with less?

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to use tooling to gain the visibility you need on where your data intakes are.
  • How to automate some of your processes to free you up.
  • How to work cross-functionally with security on overlaps you can leverage.

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Our expert panel:

Angelique Carson

Director of Content Strategy


Christopher Handman



Anthony Prestia

Head of Privacy


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