Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

Managing a program that can sustain 2024’s regulatory landscape

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Laws are changing all the time, and the FTC is making examples of new brands as we speak. It’s difficult to manage a program that can respond with agility to the deltas between legal and regulatory news and what you’re doing now. But there’s a lot of overlap between privacy and security, and if you align the two teams, privacy can leverage some of security’s work to prepare your company for what’s coming. In this webinar, learn the areas you and security should lean into to not only survive 2024’s headlines, but thrive!

  • How to work with security to build a single source of truth within your organization.
  • Tactics to operate with speed and in lockstep with the business’ key initiatives.
  • Strategies to lower your risk profile in the areas regulators and laws are zeroing in on in 2024.

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Expert Privacy Panel:

Angelique Carson

Director of Content Strategy @


Anthony Prestia

Head of Privacy @


Christopher Handman

Co-Founder and COO @