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How to prepare for a tougher FTC

May 25th at 10am PT | 1pm ET

Recently, FTC Chair Lina Kahn introduced the idea of holding executives accountable for privacy missteps. Plus, we’ve already seen the FTC enforcing consumer privacy based on entire business models, imposing not just one-time fines, but mandating the deletion of entire algorithms that form the baseline of products (Weight Watchers being a prime example).

These developments are leaving board rooms and privacy practitioners alike wondering “Is this the future? How do we future proof our company against this kind of risk without slowing down our business?”
Join Tatiana Rice of the Future of Privacy Forum and Angelique Carson of TerraTrue as they discuss:
  • Should FTC enforcement target executives going forward?
  • What do algorithms have to do with FTC enforcement?
  • How privacy practitioners should think about preparing their executives and business units for a tougher FTC.

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Expert Privacy Panel:

Angelique Carson

Director of Content Strategy @


Tatiana Rice

Policy Counsel @

Future of Privacy Forum