Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

How to gear your privacy team up for the FTC’s priorities and GDPR developments

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Whether it’s Lina Khan’s U.S. Federal Trade Commission or the EU’s data protection authorities, privacy teams are having to gear up for big changes in the regulatory landscape. In this discussion, we will focus on both FTC rulemaking developments as well as EU General Data Protection Regulation enforcement trends and what they mean for your business. We will emphasize what regulatory actions are on the table that could best jolt your privacy operations. And we will provide practical tips about how to prepare for a shifting landscape.

Top takeaways:
  • The FTC’s rulemaking process is unlikely to eliminate the state-by-state patchwork anytime soon, meaning your privacy program will have to accommodate different approaches in different states.
  • The GDPR’s enforcement authorities seem most focused on cross-border data flows right now, but the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act might shake up their prioritization in the long run.
  • The time is now to get your C-suite engaged and informed on how privacy serves as a brand differentiator and a risk mitigator.

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