Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

What you need to know to prepare for the VCDPA

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The Virginia Consumer Data Privacy Act adds more work to the complexity of privacy laws today. The VCDPA is similar to the CPRA in a lot of ways. It covers consumer information. It provides state residents with comparable rights over their information. It even comes into effect on the same day as the CPRA: Jan. 1, 2023.

The problem is: “similar” doesn’t mean “the same.” Let’s be real: Every new state law just adds to the virtual alphabet soup that is compliance. It can feel overwhelming and confusing to discern one law for the next.

In this webinar, hear what you need to know to prepare for the VCDPA from Husch Blackwell partner David Stauss and TerraTrue’s Angelique Carson

Expect to learn:
  • How VCDPA is different from California’s laws.
  • Winning strategies to prepare for the VCDPA vs. CCPA and CPRA.
  • Potential pitfalls to avoid.
  • Practical first steps toward full compliance.

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