Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

How to use metrics to prove privacy’s strategic impact

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In privacy, all of us could use more budget, more headcount, and a promotion. But the entire company wants those things, so why should you get them?! You can’t go into a meeting with leadership and ask for any of that without some data to help you tell your success story. In this whitepaper, we’ll talk about which data points to consider in that message, how to tweak the metrics you’ll present so they’re tailored to your audience, and how to prove to the business that your program is a strategic enabler.

  • How to gather metrics on privacy’s impact from across the organization, and which teams you need to help you gather that data.
  • How to pivot your metrics-based success story so it resonates with the board, the C-suite, or your department leaders.
  • Which data points will carry the most weight in later decisions about budget and resource allocation.

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