Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!

Stay up to date with U.S. privacy laws

Get this guide to see how you can best prepare for the CPA, VCDPA, CCPA, and CPRA

Colorado and Virginia's new data privacy laws go into effect in 2023, and the time to start preparing is now. Download this guide for an in-depth comparison of California's California Consumer Privacy Act & California Privacy Rights Act, Virginia's Consumer Data Protection Act, and Colorado's Privacy Act.

With these key takeaways, you'll be able to:

  • Uncover special rules that apply to sensitive personal information
  • See to whom the law applies, and which businesses are exempt
  • Quickly determine how changes will impact your business operations
  • Fuel your gap analysis with the right questions
  • Get a clear understanding of how your privacy program should be structured for success
CCPA vs CPRA vs VCDPA vs CPA screenshot.png

Learn how to get compliant with Colorado

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