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Privacy metrics to uplevel your privacy program

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Not everything that is measurable is valuable, and not everything that is valuable is measurable. During this conversation, we will share best practices about how to measure the success of your privacy program. As part of this discussion, we will emphasize which privacy metrics best demonstrate the value of your privacy program to your C-suite. We will highlight which privacy metrics tend to provide opportunities for improvement as well as which privacy metrics create unhelpful noise. We will also explore how to leverage privacy metrics to better incorporate Fair Information Practices into your day-to-day privacy reviews.

Top takeaways:

  • Privacy metrics are an invaluable canary in the coal mine for identifying soft spots in your privacy program.
  • The most valuable privacy metrics speak to what is happening in your privacy program, as opposed to just documenting the volume of reviews completed.
  • The kinds of privacy metrics that resonate with your front-line privacy professionals are markedly different than the ones that will hit home with your C-suite or board of directors.

Learn how to report on metrics that matter the most

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Expert Privacy Panel:

Angelique Carson

Content Director


Jason Gerson

Privacy Counsel


Anthony Prestia

Head of Privacy


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