Learn how to (actually) do privacy by design for International Privacy Day!


See how California's privacy laws compare and get compliant.

Are you still wondering how the California Privacy Rights Act will impact your day-to-day and what sort of wrenches it might throw into your privacy program? If so, don't waste your time reading endless blogs. Get our TLDR: CCPA vs. CPRA factsheet to explore all the changes you should know. In this guide, we'll review:

  • How the CPRA is a substantial expansion of the CCPA
  • Provide you with a quick index of all the CPRA changes 
  • Explain how and why enforcement will differ
  • Describe how the CPRA changes requirements and coverage for businesses 
  • Provide clarity on what steps you should take to get up-to-date

Get your CCPA privacy program up to date with the CPRA

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