Learn how to operationalize privacy with integrations.

How to Build an Agile Privacy Program that Scales

The most challenging thing about privacy is the perception that it’s an obstacle to productivity. We don’t have to tell you that privacy is important, but when it comes to revenue growth targets and the business’s bottom line, getting products to market quickly tends to be the initiative that carries the trump card.

So, how do you marry revenue growth with an effective privacy program? In this webinar, you’ll hear from Liz Hein, Global Data Protection Officer at Foursquare and Chris Handman, COO at TerraTrue and former GC at Snap Inc, on how they have built privacy programs that are agile, scale, and most importantly, have become strategic differentiators for their businesses.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How championing pre-deployment privacy allows privacy leaders to become the trusted partners to Product, Engineering, and the whole business by shipping products and features more swiftly.
  • How privacy programs become strategic product differentiators when they incorporate structured data, automation, and benchmarking your risk posture against your competitors.
  • How to build and design a privacy program that is scalable and can handle an onslaught of new privacy regulations.

Join Privacy Leaders at Foursquare and TerraTrue 

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Expert Privacy Panel:

Liz Hein

Associate General Counsel


Chris Handman

Co-Founder & COO